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Polypropylene Sheets are also used as a substrate for the cutters' edges when they are sharpened and as a back or chopping board. They have good chemical resistance over a wide range of bases and acids. These sheets can be produced to match specific colors, thicknesses and finishes.
HIPS Sheets
HIPS Sheets are compatible with food packaging applications. These sheets are mainly used in making variety of products. These sheets are very strong to use. They can handle high impact. Our sheets are available in variety of colors. They are available in variety of colors, designs, and patterns.
PVC Film
PVC Film can be printed using standard screen and offset methods. It's a highly versatile and cost-effective thermoplastic. PVC has a rather polar backbone with strong intermolecular interactions. This film is very much liked and highly appreciated by our people, in the market.
ABS Sheets
ABS Sheets are those sheets which are ideal for various applications. These sheets has high rigidity, good impact resistance, good surface brightness and durable in nature. Our sheets works well in applications where strength and flexibility are both desired. They are very effective as well as economical to use.